Sunday, October 17, 2021


01  this is your brain on drums -zero
02  suite from nightcrawlers - grateful dead
03  before the beginning - peter jay snd the jaywalkers
04  injun - hotbeats
05  apache - babe ruth
06  el cruncho - roak a hulas
07  maonin' - the mark leeman five
08  boot hill - federals
09  waltz for lumumba - spesncer davis group
10  spanish blues - grahsm bond orgsnisation
11  scrambled eggs - crestones
12  avalance - curly cook and the versitones
13  lord byrons blues - london all stars
14  rubber duck - john mayall and his bluesbreakers
15  7 veils a go go - urban surf kings
16  the snow goose - camel
17  cannonballs for christmas - chesterfield kings
18  flower power - big jim sullivan
19  flying - beatles
20  the fish - yes
21  evening in psris = packabeats
22  funky zeta -  mickey hart
23  third stone from the sun - jimi hendrix experience
24  cslvary - quicksilver messsenger service


Wednesday, September 15, 2021


01  pressure points - camel
02  starborne - happy the man
03  embryo - black sabbath
04  stargate - starcastle
05  hocus pocus- focus
06  thrak - king crimson
07  mominos - rom geesin
08  the moon , zi sing - happy the msn
09  sfter words - camel
10  coda-narine 475 - king crimson
11  eldorado instrumental mix - electric light orchestra
12  king kong - babe ruth
13  fill up your head - paladin
14  air - mike pinder
15  water - moody blues
16  the barbarian - emerson/lake.& palmer
17  flight of the snow geese - camel
18  golden hair - syd barrett
19  eucalyptus - odin
20  airto - charlie watts & jim keltner
21  orchid - black sabbath
22  tokela - absolute elsewhere
23  instrumental love song - pelican
24  barazinbar - jade warrior


Wednesday, September 1, 2021


01  thousand days of yesterday - captain beyond
02  chocolate rolls, tea and monopoly - golden apples
03  snake language - gary duncan & thw crawfish of love
04  oranges and apples - it's a beautiful day
05  inner mystique - chocolate watchband
06  peter gunn - remo four
07  manhatten rumble - electric light orchestra
08  the stumble - henry vestine
09  rumble -  dave clark five
10  so bad - steve howe
11  cameltracks - fifty foot hose
12  slotcar racer - sud patrouille
13  away bounce my bubbles - country joe & the fish
14  hideaway - john mayell & the bluebreakers
15  our man in siberia - cougars
16  black moutain rag - country weather
17  oyeh - dakotas
18  movin' and groovin' - cowslingers
19  come on let's go - sandy nelson
20  stu ball - ian stewart & his rail roaders
21  low bottemy - robbie krieger
22  bela's theme - antonio fargas
23  fury - nu-notes 
24  the end  - doors


Friday, August 20, 2021


                                                    01  worried life b;ues - blues magoos

02  big railroaf blues - grateful dead

03  revolution blues - neil young

04  dekalb blues - nick gravenites

05  whining boy blues - hot tuna

06  the daily blues = john kay & steppenwolf

07  gold watch blues - donovan

08  andrews blues - rolling stones

09  cold blues - quaker city

10  j a blues - blue flames

11  papa john's downhome blues - papa john creach

12  smithsonian insitute blues - capt beefheart

13  downtown blues- cyrkle

14  watergate blues - howlin' wolf

15  mimi -skirt blues - floer children

16  uncle sams blues - hot tuna

17  werewolf blues - guana bats

18  the little boy blues - great train robbery

19  enron blues - jimmy carl black

20  56 blues - keith emerson trio

21  wall street blues - procol harum

22  a shot of rhythm snd blues - sundowers

23  talking blues - doors

24  the reds.the blacks, and the blues - plum nelly

This the end of this series


Sunday, August 15, 2021


01  titanic overture - alice cooper
02  boil the kettle - id
03  mexican courage - tjuana bibles
04  headin' out - moving sidewalks
05  las calaveras de justico - lost acapulco
06  scorio - scorpions
07  cat's squirrel = cream
08  insanity - rhinoceros
09  congo - international bongo band
10  ditto - moby grape
11  klezmiel queen of swamp - brillantinas
12  elaborations = ant trip ceremony
13  the trap - maze
14  i could jerk like uncle cyril - timebox
15  timba am gaya - mutants
16  highball holyday - cocktail preachers
17  weird on the moon - ray daytona & the googoobombos
18  high noon - davie allen & the arrows
19  icy fingers - playboys
20  wheatcheck waltz - augie meyer
21  railroad blues - westminster five
22  moondawg - coffin diggers
23  zoots suit -  money's big roll band
24  fieldstone shuffle - gary duncan"s quicksilver


Saturday, August 14, 2021


One of those seamless compilations that simply cannot be improved upon. A dozen tracks highlight the best - and that is the best - of Island's recent and forthcoming output, from much-anticipated debut albums by Jethro Tull, Free, and Spooky Tooth to the sophomore effort by Fairport Convention. 

You Can All Join In is a budget priced sampler album, released in the UK by Island Records in 1968. It was priced at 14 shillings and 6 pence (£0.72), and reached no. 18 on the UK Albums Chart that year.
It was arguably instrumental in breaking world-class bands such as Free, Jethro Tull and Traffic to a wider audience. 

Side one

"A Song for Jeffrey" (Ian Anderson) – Jethro Tull – (Alternative mix, original version from This Was) (ILPS 9085) 

"Sunshine Help Me" (Gary Wright) – Spooky Tooth – (from It’s All About Spooky Tooth) (ILPS 9080)

"I’m a Mover" (Paul Rodgers, Andy Fraser) – Free – (from Tons of Sobs) (ILPS 9089)

"What’s That Sound" (Stephen Stills) – Art– (from Supernatural Fairy Tales) (ILP 967)

"Pearly Queen" (Steve Winwood, Jim Capaldi) – Tramline – (from Moves of Vegetable Centuries) (ILPS 9095)

"You Can All Join In" (Dave Mason) – Traffic – (from Traffic) (ILPS 9081T)

You Can All Join In is a budget priced sampler album, released in the UK by Island Records in 1968. It was priced at 14 shillings and 6 pence (£0.72), and reached no. 18 on the UK Albums Chart that year.[2
It was arguably instrumental in breaking world-class bands such as Free, Jethro Tull and Traffic to a wider audience. 

Side two

"Meet on the Ledge" (Richard Thompson) – Fairport Convention – (from What We 
Did on Our Holidays) (ILPS 9092)

"Rainbow Chaser" (Alex Spyropoulos, Patrick Campbell-Lyons) – Nirvana – (from All of Us) (ILPS 9087)

"Dusty" – (Martyn) - John Martyn – (from The Tumbler) (ILPS 9091)

"I’ll Go Girl" (Billy Ritchie, Ian Ellis, Harry Hughes) – Clouds – (from 
Scrapbook) (ILPS 9100)\

"Somebody Help Me" (Jackie Edwards) – Spencer Davis Group – (from The Best of the Spencer Davis Group) (ILPS 9070)

"Gasoline Alley" (Mick Weaver) – Wynder K. Frog – (from Out of the Frying Pan) (ILPS 9082)


Friday, August 13, 2021


The title of this double label sampler leads one to believe that there were plans for an annual release, but Vertigo never got any further than 1970. Contrary to the 'Heads together' sampler, this one contains previously released material only and so serves quite succeedingly as an introduction to Vertigo's miracles. The contents are chosen with taste: almost every track is among the best from the respective album and therefore this sampler comes recommended for anyone who wants to start to explore what the fuzz is all about.

Red foliage surely is a favourite of Keef the album designer. This time a naked lady on a dotted hobby-horse fronts the landscape. A small boy dressed in parade uniform plays the drum and looks at her. Quite striking.

The lettering is chosen in accordance to the 'annual' idea and could have been taken from any children's annual of the times.

Inside the horse's head is displayed in a coloured negative photograph and also proudly quotes underground magazine 'it': Vertigo is the least pretentiously and most happily married of the 'progressive' labels to emerge from 'neath the wings of the large record companies. 

One of those indispensable samplers, with so much going for it - label design, musical quality, rare tracks, top audio and alluring cover pics - it has become a collectors item by own merits. One cut each from the sixteen first albums realeased by the label. Most represented here didn't sell a lot back then and the originals can sometimes be hard to find or afford. I haven't had or heard all of those so I can't compare, but get the impression they picked the better or best from each. 

Some compilations have at least one downer regarding track choice or audio. On here I can't find one thing less than marvelous. From the happy-go-luckys Fairfield Parlour "In My Box" and Magna Carta "Going My Way" over the heavy Sabbath, Juicy Lucy and Uriah Heep cuts to the jazzier Nucleus, Colosseum and May Blitz it's all tophole. Only bad thing is I can't use it as background music when doing chores at home. The beauty entices me and sooner or later I get stuck in front of the speakers, forgetting everything about cleaning or whatever.

Vertigo Records was the late 60s progressive rock arm of the Philips Records empire. It is still in existence today as part of Mercury, but it is the early UK releases with "swirl" or "spiral" labels that are most sought after by collectors. Probably the most well known are the first four Black Sabbath LPs, but the list of artists who appeared on this label is long and varied including such diverse acts as Status Quo, Rod Stewart and Kraftwerk. zzreview by Chris Goes Rock

01. Colosseum - Elegy  03.10
02. Rod Stewart - Handbags And Gladrags 04.25
03. Jimmy Campbell - Half Baked  04.42
04. May Blitz - I Don't Know  04.50
05. Juicy Lucy - Mississippi Woman  03.49
06. Fairfield Parlour - In My Box  01.59
07. Magna Carta - Goin' My Way (Road Song)  02.55
08. Affinity - Three Sisters  05.00
09. Black Sabbath - Behind The Wall Of Sleep  03.41
10. Gracious - Introduction  05.55
11. Cressida - To Play Your Little Game  03.21
12. Nucleus - Elastic Rock  04.05
13. Manfred Mann Chapter Three - One Way Glass  03.35
14. Bob Downes - No Time Like The Present  03.04
15. Dr. Strangely Strange - Summer Breeze  03.41
16. Uriah Heep - Gypsy  06.56

Bonus Tracks:
17. Catapilla - Changes  12.05
18. Gravy Train - Think Of Life  05.10
19. Jade Warrior - May Queen  05.24
20. Mike Absalom - Frightened Of The Dark  03.25
21. Ramases - Life Child  06.39
22. Patto - Give It All Away  04.10


Wednesday, August 11, 2021


01  night train - georgie fame
02  rod's brain - metalunas
03  bubble drum - thunder company
04  dark side of the mushroom - chocolate watchband
05  baja -john paul jones
06  bottle - ivan meades
07  kimda kinky - ray mcvay sound
08  just for a moment - ron wood & ronnie lane
09  honkey funk - pf flyrr
10  arabian caravan - enemies
11  calypso voodoo - los twangers
12  workout - flintstones
13  eddy's rock - roy wood's wizzard
14  stevie's groove - spencer davis group
15  indian thing - shotgun express
16  cleopatra's needle = ahab & the wailers
17  our man flint - artwoods 
18  mandalore - nebulas
19  taste of honey - roulettes
20  bluff failure - surf report
21  why should we not - manfred mann
22  almost grown - small fscrs
23  black jackets - bert weedon
24  holidsy in berlin ( full blown) - mothers of inventiom


Wednesday, August 4, 2021


01  pontiac blues - sonny boy williamson & the ysrdbirds
03  some of adam's blues - quaker city
04  florida blues - sallom sinchair & the mother bear
05  young woman' s blues - grootna
06  money honey blues - morning dew
07  these blues - peter lewis
08  police dog blues - jorma kaukonen
09  hoo doo blues - rolling stones
10  sioux city blues- majic ship
11  more blues - pink floyd
12  summertime blues - aztecs
13  waimging blues _ david lindley
14  laughing blues - bonzo dog band
15  stu's balkan blues - kaleidoscope
16  payday blues - dan hicks & his hot licks
17  mercury blues = steve miller
18  love art blues - neil young
19  stateline blues - stephen stills
20  michaeLs blues - uk baby
21  railroad blues - weastminster five
22  tin roof blues - dr. john 
23  traveling' riverside blues - peter green
24  viola lee blues - grateful dead


Friday, July 30, 2021


Produced by Tom Wilson (Dylan, Zappa), the Blues Project's second effort was their finest hour. In less than a year the enthusiastic live band had matured into a seasoned studio ensemble. Steve Katz's features are lightweight folk but Al Kooper reworks two gospel themes (Wake Me, Shake Me, I Can't Keep from Crying) into ambitious blues-rock compositions, and Danny Kalb proves he's no mere folkie on extended versions of Two Trains Running and Caress Me Baby. Bassist Andy Kulberg switches to flute and Kalb gets psychedelic on the jazzy Flute Thing, penned by Kooper. ---Dan Forte, AllMusic R

The Blues Project were one of the hottest live acts of the time and one of the first album oriented bands. Not all blues, with certain tunes rooted in folk and this album bearing a psychedelic edge (nearly the American “Aftermath”) but listen to them cook through some classic blues standards and soulful originals, and the name starts to settle in just fine.

This Greenwich Village group lit up audiences weekly at New York’s Au Go Go Cafe. Before they cut their first record, the smokin’ hot Live At The Cafe Au Go Go, they were joined by session player Al Kooper who was looking to gig and improve his chops on the Farfisa organ. By the time Projections was released, they had become a hard-edged party band that were well-equipped to extend their jams for a drugged out San Fransisco scene, and their eagerness to incorporate other musical forms and experiment beyond the blues put this band ahead of their time.

Al’s “Kooperphone” (actually called a Tubon) on Can’t Keep From Crying supplies an opening dose of out-of-control psych. A completely unexpected classical suite introduces Steve’s Song, a folksy groover with light touches of fuzz. And it’s hard to not become a classic ’66 record with a track like the hard slow blues, Two Trains Running, running 11 minutes 30 seconds. Another toss-for-a-loop is a Jazz-lounge number featuring Andy Kulberg on the uncleverly named Flute Thing. Cheryl’s Going Home is a riff-based standout, but when they perform bluesy shuffles like Wake Me Shake Me and Caress Me Baby you know they’ve hit their stride. The blues numbers give the album its vintage appeal.

Though they could smoke an audience, they were unable to score a hit song. However, one of the last tracks they cut before Al Kooper left the band may be one of the best unknown singles of the year No Time Like The Right Time.

1A      I Can't Keep From Crying 425

A2 Steve's Song 455

A3 You Can't Catch Me 414

A4 Two Trains Running 1120

B1 Wake Me, Shake Me 515

B2 Cheryl's Going Home 235

B3 Flute Thing 558

B4 Caress Me Baby 712

B5 Fly Away 330


Roy Blumenfeld - Drums

Danny Kalb - Guitar, Vocals

Steve Katz - Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals

Al Kooper - Keyboards, Vocals

Andy Kulberg - Bass, Flute 



Artist: The Blues Project
Album: Live at the Café Au Go Go
Release Date: May 1966
Recording Date: Nov 1965 - Jan 1966
Label: Verve/Folkways
Type: Live
Genre: Blues

Title Composer Time
01 Goin' Down Louisiana Muddy Waters 4:03
02 You Go, I'll Go With You Willie Dixon 3:45
03 Catch the Wind Donovan Leitch 3:04
04 I Want to Be Your Driver Chuck Berry 2:23
05 Alberta Traditional 4:10
06 The Way My Baby Walks Andy Kulberg 3:10
07 Violets of Dawn Anderson 2:55
08 Back Door Man Willie Dixon and Chester Burnett 3:16
09 Jelly Jelly Blues Billy Eckstine and Earl Hines 4:45
10 Spoonful Willie Dixon 5:00
11 Who Do You Love? Ellas McDaniel (a.k.a. Bo Diddley) 5:30

Roy Blumenfeld, drums
Tommy Flanders, vocals
Danny Kalb, guitar
Steve Katz, guitar
Al Kooper, keyboards
Andy Kulberg, bass

Absolutely one of the best LPs to be released in 1966 and who would have thought that a live lp as it's début release would garner so much attention for a new group of musicisns
Although Tommy Flanders (who'd already left the band by the time this debut hit the streets) 
is credited as sole vocalist, four of the then-sextet's members sang; in fact, Danny Kalb 
handles as many leads as Flanders (four each), Steve Katz takes center stage on Donovan's 
"Catch the Wind," and Al Kooper is featured on "I Want to Be Your Driver." The band could be 
lowdown when appropriate (Kalb's reading of "Jelly, Jelly"), high energy (Muddy Waters' 
"Goin' Down Louisiana" sounds closer to Chuck Berry or Bo Diddley), and unabashedly eclectic 
(tossing in Donovan or Eric Andersen with no apologies). Kalb's moody take on "Alberta" is 
transcendent, and the uptempo arrangement of "Spoonful" is surprisingly effective.