Thursday, March 26, 2020


Here's a set of 24 tunes by the DC5   Dave Clark's pop group of the mid sixties gave the Beatles some tremendous competition at the beginning of the British Invasion years  The song Glad All Over  knocked the Beatle's I Want To Hold Your Hand from the number one slot on the UK  pop charts in 1964   Clarks five piece outfit was a very strong sounding band with the heavy Sax and Mike Smiths growling and super vocals  and most of all Dave's excellent drumming skills  This music should get you up and dancin'  A well needed burst of energy for your home quarantine days  So get up and turn on the vacuum cleaner, dance  and sing along at the top of your voice. Admit it old people  You know the words  CRANK IT UP!!

Set list a little later

Monday, March 23, 2020


Treat your Brother with kindness and help out when you can

 Stay safe and always try to keep a positive mindset

 Always listen to some music It always makes you feel better

Stay away from the media blitz and only tune to them as an absolute necessity

And remember to Smile ! Smile! Smile!

Thursday, March 19, 2020


01 let's go away for a while - beach boys
02 69 guitars - 69 cats
03 simple simon - move
04 last band on side one - big brother & the holding company
05 apache - babe ruth
06 sage and spirit - grateful dead
07 rot gut red nugent & the amboy dukes
08 black pit - steppenwolf
09 untitled lullaby - budgie
10 suntronics - spirit
11 walk in santiago - country joe mcdonald
12 promise her anything but give her arpeggio - big brother
13 i live in conneticutt - aerosmith
14 banjo - jefferson airplane
15 blt - lee oscar
16 they laughed when i sat at the piano - egg
17 we are not alone -  frank zappa
18 pali gap - jimi hendrix
19 sugar cube - electric tommorrow
20 time is tight - booker t & the mg's
21 honkey tonk - moby grape
22 from way out to way under - shadows of knight
23 after forever - black sabbath
24 epitaph - king crimson

Monday, March 16, 2020


The story of a rumored but fictional LP
For years and years people have talked about and have questioned the possibility of an LP by the original lineup of the band Love called Gethsemane. This LP was to supposedly said to be the fourth Love LP ,following the masterpiece Forever Changes. There are no true facts about this project. I believe that if there was a possibility the record industry would have tried to capitalized on it by now.  It was stated by Bryan Maclean in an interview that it was BS unless it was conceived after his departure from the band. Arthur himself would make no comments about it either confirming or denying its possibility. On the other hand Love guitarist Johnny Echols contends it was indeed a fact and there was material  for it in the works when the band broke up and everyone went their separate ways. Arthur would of course reform his band  and put out the fourth album as Four Sail. Listening to the material on that lp makes you wonder if just maybe there could be some thread of truth seeing how the songs are indeed very closely similar to the previous lp material  There is no Gethsemane. I have taken the liberty of putting together a comp by the band only to show that Arthur and Bryan were creative wonders but when the band shattered it slowly caused their creativeness to suffer. Bryan's later work(demos) showed some creative flashes but truly in OMO (one man's opinion) he needed the band to gel. The same could be said for Arthur's material as time went by. His words and music were no where near what the chemistry of the original Love gave him. They are both gone now so we will never really know. Johnny Echols speaks of working on that very named LP today but you have to wonder how much of it can match what might have been. Maybe Johnny can give us all hope for it's reality!

The above artwork is from Burt Shonburg who created the cover for the Out Here lp

01  laughing stock
02  your mind and we belong to each other
03  number 14
04  wonder people (i do wonder)

These four songs are non-lp songs. It is speculated that  the first two were actually to be  on the supposed fourth lp by the original lineup. Number 3 is from earlier love recording sessions and was indeed the 'Bside for 7 and 7 is. The 4th tune is an actual outtake from the Forever Changes sessions

05  barber john
06  love will be here

These two are Bryan Maclean demos with Number 6 being considered for FC being nixed by Bryan himself

07  i'm with you
08  robert montgomery
09  nothing
10  always see your face
11  your friend and mine - neil's song

Five songs from the Four Sail lineup. All have the feel of possibly been chosen for the mythical lp. Imagine what the original lineup might have have done (nothing against the good work the new lineup did) with these songs

12  listen to my song
13  willow willow
14  gather round

From the Out Here Lp with once again qualities that might have been especially track 14  Arthurs lyrics always were a strong point for the times

15  you're the prettiest song
16  five string serenade

Two from the Arthur Lee Five String lp of 1992 with a little bit of the old spirit of Lee's songwriting i


No look at lost, forgotten or unreleased LP's would be complete without a   
 take on  The Buffalo Springfield's Stampede  Once again since there is no confirmed tracklist for this LP ans there many many versions of the proposed LP out there from bootlegs and outtakes  I have chosen this group of songs as a sampling of might have been but never was

Track Listing

01 We'll See
02 Whatever Happened To Saturday Night
03 Falcon Lake (Ash On The Floor)
04 What A Day
05 My Kind Of Love
06 Down To The Wire
07 Baby Don't Scold Me
08 Buffalo Stomp (Raga)
09 No Sun Today
10 Sell Out
11 So You've Got A Lover
12 Neighbor Don't You Worry
13 Slowly Burning
14 One More Sign

    Here is a nice write-up about the whole :Stampede" scenario

                                          More A Concept Than An Album

There are many songs that are often cited by Buffalo Springfield aficionado as proposed tracks for an album called "Stampede" which was rumoured for release in the spring of 1967.
The story of this album, much like the Beach Boys legendary "Smile" album, has grown to near mythic proportions over the decades with amateur musicologists pouring over the song lists and speculating on possible tracks. Though Atco records had a follow up album , to Buffalo Springfield, in mind and assigned a catalogue number to the anticipated album, going as far as to print up a record cover, there was, in fact, no "Stampede" album ever planned by the group themselves. True, they were recording that spring, albiet sporadically with or without several members, but not with the specific goal in mind of a definite album."At the time, recording was a way of killing time while we figured out what to do, " offers Richie Furay. "For What It's Worth was still climbing, but we didn't have Bruce (Palmer), so we had to do something. We had alot of songs and there was alot of experimenting with other musicians that all started then. It was, 'Let's not tell Dewey(Martin)' or 'Let's use Bobby West.' It was probably a way of biding our time until the lineup sorted out. We had some gigs to fill but we didn't have a major tour booked." Confirms Richie, " There wasn't a "Stampede" album but a cover photo was shot for a follow up album. The cuts that are attributed to a "Stampede" album were just tracks we had cut or going to be cut over several month." In the 1970's, a well circulated "Stampede" bootleg (again like "Smile") purporting to be the real thing was unreality, merely composed of several outtakes from the debut album and New York sessions, two tracks entitled "Raga # 1" and "Raga # 2" comprised of aimless noodlings by Dewey, Neil, Stephen, Richie, and the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band's Bruce Kunkel, plus an obscure live recording dating from the summer of 1967 that does not include Neil.
Nonetheless, Atco went ahead and printed up a sleeve using an existing photo shoot of the group up in the Hollywood Hills posed around a western corral. The less than flattering photo, minus Bruce with Dickie(Davis) seated out front, a large hat obscuring his face. Given the western motif and the group's name, Atco chose "Stampede" as the title, lettering in stars and stripes. Close to one hundred thousand of these sleeves were printed in anticipation of the album, only to be given away as promotional items later that fall after the official release of their second album, Buffalo Springfield Again, which was assigned the catalogue number originally intended for "Stampede", 33-226.

Stampede: the album that never was

Buffalo Springfield is
© 2004/2005/2006/2007
all rights reserved

Thursday, March 12, 2020


Another "lost" LP  This time from the Beach Boys  They recorded material for the LP  "Surf"s Up" under the working title of "Landlocked"  Their are many different versions of this material so I really do not know what truly was intended for the LP so I chose this selection Some interesting songs with some appearing later on other LP's   

01. Awake
02. Loop de Loop
03. Susie Cincinnati
04. San Miguel
05. Games Two Can Play
06. I Just Got My Pay
07. Good Time
08. Looking Down The Coast
09. Big Sur
10. Santa Ana Winds
11. 'Til I Die (long)
12. Fourth of July
13. Sound of Free
14. Tears In The Morning
15. Lady
16. When Girls Get Together
17. My Solution
18. H.E.L.P. Is On The Way
19. Take A Load Off Your Feet
20. Carnival (aka Over The Waves)
21. We Got Love
22. Winter Symphony
23. Tears In The Morning (reprise)

Thursday, March 5, 2020


"The Celebration Of The Lizard" is the lost album of the Californian group “The Doors”, officially began recording at the Sunset Sound Studios in november 1967 with the song: "The Unknown soldier"; followed by "Spanish Caravan" in January 1968.

The sessions continued on February 19 & 20 at the TTG Sound Studios in Hollywood, Ca. with what should be the main theme of the album: "The Celebration Of The Lizard". A long piece, about 17 minutes, although it seems that there were versions that far exceeded that duration, composed of seven poems with musical accompaniment of the band. 

The original plan was that this poetic musical piece to occupy one side of the album: B, while on the other would be the rest of the tunes, the two previous and others that would be completed until April : "My Wild Love"; "Five to One" or "Wintertime Love". After making a acetate, with what the boys wanted, the producer Paul Rothchild decided that this did not have enough quality and convinced the group to abandon definitely the idea of "The Celebration Of The Lizard" song and LP. The sessions would eventually lead to the Doors third Lp " Waiting For The Sun" 

Side A:
1.  Five To One
2.  Love Street
3.  We Could Be So Good Together
4.  Yes, The River Knows
5.  My Wild Love
6.  The Unknown Soldier

Side B:
7.  Spanish Caravan
8.  Wintertime Love
9.  Celebration of the Lizard

Wednesday, March 4, 2020


Unreleased album planned as follow-up to “Hot Rocks” (1972). The project was cancelled due to disagreements between Andrew Oldham and Allen Klein about the eclectic track selection; witch included controversial songs such as "Andrews Blues" and "Pay Your Dues" (alternate version to "Street Fighting Man"). It was replaced with the more conservative double album "More Hot Rocks". Album was produced by Andrew Oldham. Digitally remastered 2002 from original vinyl source.

1.  Out Of Time
2.  Don't Lie To Me
3.  Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby (Standing In The Shadows)
4.  Think
5.  Hear It 
6.  Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind
7.  Aftermath 
8.  I'd Much Rather Be With The Boys
9.  Andrew's Blues
10.  Pay Your Dues
11.  Good Times
12.  Heart Of Stone
13.  Each And Every Day Of The Year
14.  Sleepy City
15.  Try A Little Harder
16.  Blue Turns To Grey
17.  We're Wastin' Time

Friday, February 28, 2020


01  Desperado edit  - Los Lobos Tito Tarantula
02  Titoli - Bradipos IV
03  A Gun For Ringo - Bambi Molesters
04  Sixty Seconds to What - Brent Cooper
05  A Fistful of Pasta - The Charles Napiers
06  The Vice Of Killing - Langhorns
07  Once Upon A time In The West - In The West
08  Farewell To Cheyenne - Di Dollari
09  Playa Pistoli - Pollo Del Mar
10  Navajo Joe - Pollo Del Mar
11   El Dorado - Reefriders
12  Los Diablos - Plantronics
13  The Great Silence - Kim Humphreys
14  Theme From For A Few Dollars More  - Babe Ruth
15  As a Judgement -  Bernard Yin
16  For a Fistful of Dollsrs - davw Wronski
17  The Ectsacy of Gold - Balls of Fire
18  The Big Gundown - Ireversible Slacks
19  Mexas - Space Hobos
20  For a Few Dollars More- Cosmonauts
21  Guns Don't Argue  - Penetrators
22  The Loud, The Loose, and The UGly - Davie Allen
23  A Fistful of Dollars - Babe Ruth
24 The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly - Atlantics


01 a fistful of dollars- babe ruth
02 epic cowboy song - cowslingers
03 this ol' cowboy - marshall tucker band
04 mommas, don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys -
   waylon jennings and willie nelson
05 saddle up the palomino - neil young
06 singing cowboy - beau brummels
07 the cowboy song - knowbody else
08 cowboy song - thin lizzy
09 my heros have always been cowboys - willie nelson
10 back in the saddle again - aerosmith
11 rio grande -brian wilson
12 cowboy's dream #19 - dan hicks & his hot licks
13 space cowboy - steve miller band
14 lonesome la cowboy - new riders of the purple sage
15 cowboy hat - nickleback
16 cowboy on the run - quicksilver messenger service
17 big iron - kingfish
18 rodeo - moby grape
19 cadillac cowboys - spirit
20 gypsy cowboy - new riders of the purple sage
21 singing cowboy - love
22 are there any more real cowboys? - neil young
23 cowboy movie - david crosby
24 the last cowboy song - highwaymen 

Monday, February 24, 2020


01 space oddity - david bowie
02 space child - spirit
03 man from mars - ferrante & teicher
04 on the dark side of the moon - frank comstock
05 22.09 - kluster
06 frozen neptune - russ garcia 
07 space refex - dick hyman
08 not of this earth - neil norman
09 cowboys & aliems theme - Harry Gregson-Williams
10 mominous - ron geesin
11 apropos cluster - cluster
12 deranged (zero gravity) - kraftwelt
13 past zero time - dark matter
14 nova = russ garcia
15 moon gas - dick hyman
16 12-24-2011 - anubian lights
17 electronics - flying guitars
18 vortex in my cortex - the brain
19 spacewalker - timezone 
20 interferon - zero gravity
21 fasten seat belt - magic fly
22 scorpious(deep space) s- steve perigrine took
23 gamma days - surface 10
24 captain jack's theme - foster & gold