Wednesday, November 6, 2019


Atom Heart Mother is for me the first LP from Floyd that I believe is true to the sound that the band would showcase for the years to come, This was the bands fifth LP and even though Meddle came next (which is regarded as their first themed LP) the LP... AHM hit a musical nerve with me that makes it the first time the band made a giant impact on many. and myself.

Mason and Waters played the entire 23-minute, side-one-encompassing, fascinatingly episodic title track in a thrilling, one-take burst of rhythm brilliance. Compositionally, 'Atom Heart Mother' was even more important – illustrating where the band could take earlier more compact instrumental successes. It's becoming clear that 'Dark Side of the Moon' and 'Wish You Were Here' were nearly within Pink Floyd's grasp. Too often-overlooked gems 'If' and 'Fat Old Sun,' both from Side 2, were also subsequently resurrected on solo tours by Waters and Gilmour, respectively.

The Tunes.......

01  Atom Heart Mother
Father's Shout
Breast Milky
Mother Fore
Funky Dung
                    Mind Your Throats Please

02  If
03  Summer '68
04  Fat Old Sun
05  Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast

   Rise And Shine
   Sunny Side Up
Morning Glory

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