Monday, January 11, 2021


Featuring Christine Perfect (better known as the future Christine McVie of Fleetwood Mac) the British ensemble Chicken Shack offers up a solid set of blues-influenced rock on their 1968 LP, fully titled 40 Blue Fingers Freshly Packed And Ready To Serve. This LP was a promising debut, especially noteworthy for Stan Webb's Freddie King-inspired guitar playing and Christine Perfect's vocals. Webb does justice to his mentor with two instrumentals, King's "San-Ho-Zay" and his own "Webbed Feet," and Christine proves the ideal counterpart: one of the few pianists paying homage to King's longtime collaborator Sonny Thompson. It remains their finest work; Perfect left the band in 1969 when she married John McVie of Fleetwood Mac. Pianist Paul Raymond, bassist Andy Silvester, and drummer Dave Bidwell all left in 1971 to join Savoy Brown.

Track listing

Side one

1. "The Letter" Jules Taub, B. B. King 4:25
2. "Lonesome Whistle Blues" Rudolph Toombs 3:02
3. "When the Train Comes Back" Christine Perfect 3:32
4. "San-Ho-Zay" Freddie King, Sonny Thompson 3:02
5. "King of the World" John Lee Hooker 4:59
Side two

1. "See See Baby" Freddie King, Sonny Thompson 2:22
2. "First Time I Met the Blues" Eurreal (Little Brother Montgomery) Montgomery 6:24
3. "Webbed Feet" Stan Webb 2:53
4. "You Ain't No Good" Perfect 3:35
5. "What You Did Last Night" Webb 4:36

Chicken Shack
Stan Webb – guitar, vocals
Christine Perfect – organ, vocals, piano
Andy Silvester – bass
Dave Bidwell – drums



  1. Finger lickin' Good!!! Love it. Any Dr. Dunbar? :)

  2. Finger lickin' Good!!! Love it. Any Dr. Dunbar? :)

  3. Wayne I do have some Anslry Dunbar I will try to include soon Bill@24hr

  4. Awesome. That would be Great! You have an amazing collection.

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