Thursday, April 8, 2021


Artifact is an album by The Electric Prunes, self-released in 2001It was their first studio album since 1969.

The album is said to be the "real third" album by the band since past efforts did not include material by the actual group. The sleeve notes state that it "was the album we never got to make." It is a return to most of the band's original sixties lineup.

In 1967, The Electric Prunes achieved worldwide fame for their psychedelic hit song "I Had Too Much to Dream (Last Night)" and to a lesser extent its follow up "Get Me to the World on Time." The band is also recognized for the song "Kyrie Eleison," from their third album Mass in F Minor, which was featured on the soundtrack of Easy Rider — however that third album was mainly a project by composer David Axelrod, initiating a period in which the band had little control over their music, and proved to be the undoing of the original band. By the fourth album Release of an Oath (another Axelrod progect) all of the original members had split and producer Dave Hassinger had assembled a new lineup of musicians using the Electric Prunes name, who recorded one more album in 1969 as "The New Improved Electric Prunes." In 1999 the original band reformed, and by 2001 they had resumed recording and touring and remained active until 2011, when original bassist Mark Tulin died. After a brief hiatus, the band has since re-emerged with successful dates in Italy and Sicily in July 2013, with plans to play in Japan in February 2014.

"Lost Dream" (James Lowe, Mark Tulin) – 5:02
"7 and 7 Is" (Arthur Lee) – 3:15
"Big Stick" (Lowe, Tulin) – 2:56
"The Dream I Had Last Night" (Randy Newman) – 4:12
"Bullet Thru the Backseat" (Lowe, Tulin) – 5:15
"Phone Won't Ring" (Lowe, Tulin) – 4:53
"All About Wires" (Lowe, Tulin) – 6:03
"Devil's Candy" (Lowe, Tulin) – 2:47
"Analog Life" (Harris, Smith) – 4:35
"Mujo 22" – 8:09
"Castaway" (Lowe, Tulin) – 6:14
"Le Fire" – 3:17
"Halloween Ending" – 1:03
"Hard Time" (Lowe, Tulin) – 5:32
"Slobodon" – 4:30


Electric Prunes
James Lowe – vocals, rhythm guitar, harmonica
Ken Williams – lead guitar
Mark Moulin – lead guitar
Mark Tulin – bass
Cameron Lowe – keyboards
Joe Dooley – drums



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